1:144 Micro Scale French Chateau Dollhouse Without Base

1:144 Micro Scale French Chateau Dollhouse Without Base

This full colored version of our gorgeous, highly detailed French Chateau style dollhouse (WITHOUT decorative base) features 3 floors of rooms already put together and ready for you to decorate with your most beautiful French country style micro scale/1:144 scale miniatures. 

This full colored version features a stucco style exterior and interior walls, faux metal roofing, faux wood grained flooring on the second and third floors, a simulated wood grain and wrought iron hinge work on the entrance doors, a cream and black marble checkered tile flooring on the ground floor, and faux glass texturing on all the windows and doors. So all you have to add is the furnishings! 

Great care has also gone into the architectural details of this dollhouse's design. This 1/144 scale dollhouse comes with an elegant oval dormer window on the third floor attic exterior, and 5 French door style windows (3 have ornate wrought iron balconies on the second floor) each with its own tiny, ornate corbel at the top of the arch on both the inside and outside of the windows. (Note: All windows and doors on this model are for decoration only and do not open or close due to their extremely small scale.) 

Additional architectural details included are quoining along the front two corners of the house's exterior, arched double French doors to create a grand entrance on both the interior and exterior of the house, plus an ornate exterior cornice molding that wraps around all three outer sides of the roof trim. 

This version does NOT include a decorative base (please see our other listings for this dollhouse model with the base.) 

NOTE: This item is made out of sandstone, which is breakable. Please allow only older, responsible doll owners to handle this item to reduce the chances of breakage. This miniature should also be kept away from all liquids, as its getting wet will result in drastic fading of its colors. Sturdy, waterproof, solid colored plastic versions of this item are available in our other listings for younger doll owners.